DCNR Dashboard Design

The objective was for someone to look at the dashboard without having to touch the computer to get a clear sense of what is happening.

The goal of this project is to design an animated dashboard for the foresters of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources(DCNR) (http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us). This is an individual project which takes into consideration of real data about environmental factors and pests provided by Dr. John Rawlins, Curator of the Section of Invertebrate Zoology of Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The dashboard would then be used by foresters at DCNR to quickly understand and digest information as well as monitor specific insects and trees.





Competitive Analysis/Research

In order to make a dashboard which meet the needs of the Pennsylvania foresters, I conducted a competitive analysis on existing dashboards out there today.

I ranked each dashboard based on the following criteria:

  1. Easy to understand
  2. Visually Engaging
  3. Not easy to understand
  4. Not visually engaging








Hand Sketches

The sketches focuses on different ways which the data could be presented and interpreted.






Digital Sketches









Final Dashboard Design



Dashboard Data

Types of data included in the final dashboard include:

Beech Tree (location, population, health)
Nadata gibossa (location, population)
Nadata gibossa larvae (population)
Windspeed (monthly average)
Temperature (monthly average)
Precipitation (monthly average)
Bugs caught (yesterday)
Traps knocked over (current)