GAIA - Nature Engagement Application


UX/UI Designer

Alan Qiu, Andrew Lo, Ben Nilsen, Sreedev Sidharthan

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Axure



Project Brief

During the project, our team of four wanted to design a product to increase peoples’ engagement with nature. Users would be able to create a collection of things seen in nature, such as trees and vegetation, and also be able to identify it simply through a picture. The application would then be able to tell the user factual information about the object. Furthermore, we wanted to incorporate a social aspect so that it could be similar to a scavenger hunt game where the user would compete with his friends or others in the area.







  1. Web Research
  2. Persona & Scenario Creation
  3. Storyboards
  4. Paper Prototype
  5. Experience Evaluation
  6. Wire-frames
  7. High-fidelity Prototype






Study of User Expectations

Our team wanted to start the project by creating a few personas based on a list of user expectations.





Based on the personas, our team created storyboards which turned into wire-frames.

Ideation & initial wire-frames

Wire-frames for the social functionality




Paper Prototypes

Using the storyboards, our team developed paper prototypes which underwent concept and usability testing.

Paper prototype in order of functionality (Plan, ID, Collect, Game) from top to bottom

Paper prototype for the collection functionality




Refined Wireframes

At the next stage of the process, we created refined wireframes in Axure, which were then tested for its usability.



High Fidelity Prototype

At the last stage of the process, our team created the high-fidelity prototype using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.